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Janvier 2023 - LUXEMBOURG
Antiques & Art Fair - Luxexpo

LIGHT FRAMES - 106 X 97.jpg
LIGHT FRAMES - 106 X 97.jpg

Paintings and incisions


Anne Feat Gaiss

Born in 1974 in Nantes, France

Lives and works in Boulogne-Billancourt, France


Anne Feat Gaiss is a visual artist who graduated from the École du Louvre and the École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle. She studies the mystical aspect of our universe. Between the infinitely large and the infinitely small, her work draws on the traditions of the past to give life to lively and poetic works that reveal the richness of the world around us, both in the materials used and in the subjects evoked.


Through the combination of different materials, from copper leaf to paint, steel leaf and paper, Anne Feat Gaiss creates true sculptural paintings that intrigue as much as they attract. Living entities in their own right, her works transform according to the space they occupy while inviting the observer to move in order to discover their multiple facets. A relationship of interdependence is thus created between the work, its space and the viewer. Far from a conception of the work of art as a static and unchanging object, the artist creates works whose magic can only be revealed by their interaction with the outside world, true metaphors of the relationships that unite the human being and the universe.


Mirror of the life which does not cease moving forward and renewing itself, his artistic approach, drawing from mythology, science and ethnography, poses a marvelous glance on reality. The energies of the Earth, of life and of Man, are as much scientific phenomena as invisible and sensitive realities that simple rational thought could not explain. Combining scientific and metaphysical considerations, his works appear as an invitation to accept the impalpable and unexplained part that animates our universe.

Mixed media

By Laurence NITCLICH

Laurence is in touch with plants, and likes to remind us of the astonishing beauty of the plants that surround us.
She multiplies the techniques to sublimate the plants: Ink, watercolor, gold leaf, engravings, resins….
His work is like nature, slow, poetic and facetious.

Born in Paris in 1964, Laurence Nitlich graduated from the University of Nanterre and the Institute of Political Sciences in Paris. After Paris and Tel-Aviv, she lives and works in Brussels since 1996

Artistic approach:
Since 2012 my work consists of creating images by successive dipping in ink baths, where prints, engraving and drawing intertwine. These images dialogue with plants.
I like to use ink because I am fascinated by the gesture and the slowing down of time it imposes, the antics of water which induce the precision of the gesture, the repetition and the stubbornness!
I multiply the techniques that induce this particular relationship to time: dipping and drawing in ink, watercolour, gold leaf, engravings, manipulation of very fine wire or resin.
  Nature, which keeps its own rhythm independently of human activity, is at the center of my work.
I hope to show the urgency of respecting it.
The plants touch me because they remain beautiful, in all their states, whether they are alive or dry...I try in my work to freeze them in a third state, immaterial and memorial so that we remember the wonder that provides the amazing beauty of nature.


Cosmotype_VII_28X38_Cyanotype_CMJN 3.jpg


by Denis FELIX 

Born in 1960, Denis Félix is interested in and nature for more than thirty years by exploring interior worlds hanks to the large format photographic camera.
Denis Félix narrates, with the camera, what can only be told in silence: the of a whole life. He adoptsalways adopts the same approach, singular : the choice of an absolute immersion with the photographed subject,whether it be human, animal, mineral or
Member of the jury of several
photography competitions (Polaroid,
Ilford, etc.), and teacher at the Ecole des Gobelins (Paris), Denis FELIX has realized numerous exhibitions in France and abroad (
Toronto, New Delhi, Cape Town, London, Brussels etc.), and also works forlarge foundations (Hermès,
Electricité de France, Alstom, etc.).
Some of his works are
preserved at the Bibliothèque
Bibliothèque nationale de France.


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